Did you know that leaking toilets are the most common cause of household water leaks, wasting up to 25 litres per day?

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Our plumbers also guarantee to arrive on time always, with their service vans stocked to the roof, which means just about every leaking toilet will get fixed fast and in the one visit.

If you’re interested, we can also show you what we did to fix the leak and advise you on how you can check for leaks in future, so you need never again worry about your water bill spiralling out of control.

Keeping your toilet in good repair can save you from other costs as well, as unattended leaks can damage your toilet floor and walls. That’s why keeping a regular maintenance schedule is important.

Toilet leak repair and toilet replacement

Most toilet leaks are caused by worn out flush valve washers and problems with the inlet valve. If it’s an older system we may recommend having it replaced, especially if it’s a single flush toilet.

We can quote on replacing your old single flush toilet with a dual flush system, which gives you a choice of half and full flush. This can save you hundreds of dollars a year in water bills.

As well as providing all types of toilet repairs, our plumbers can supply and install all leading brands of toilets and toilet cisterns. Call us for a quote.

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How to detect if your toilet is leaking

A good way to find out if your toilet is leaking is to follow these simple steps:

  1. Listen for a hissing sound – if you listen closely to the cistern and can hear hissing, this usually means water is escaping.
  2. Flush the toilet and wait for the cistern to completely fill. Then remove the cistern lid and place about 5 or 6 drops of food colouring in the cistern water. A dark colour such as green or blue is better than a light colour such as yellow.
  3. Replace the lid and wait for up to 30 minutes, then check the water in the toilet bowl. If it has changed colour, there is a leak present.


We always recommend you buy replacement toilet parts or fixtures from a recognised plumbing supplier, as their items will always be covered by warranty should a fault be present – unlike when you buy from a regular hardware store or chain.