Your blocked drains cleared fast and professionally by Creation Plumbing

As well as being unhygienic, they can also cause flooding and property damage, and require fast attention. Fortunately, Creation Plumbing’s emergency plumbers are experts in the clearing of all types of drains and sewer pipes, and can be counted on to arrive promptly, with the right equipment for the job, every day of the year including Christmas & Easter.

Genuine 24 hour emergency blocked drain service

Our fully qualified and experienced 24 hour emergency plumbers can clear any blocked drain or waste pipe quickly and efficiently with a minimum of fuss, night or day. We can also be relied upon to give honest, expert advice on the state of your drains and sewer pipes and, if required, give you advice and a quote to repair or replace damaged sections of sewer and waste pipes.

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Don’t put up with that blocked toilet or shower drain. Call us now on 1300 199 664. Whatever the time of day or night, you can count on Creation Plumbing as your reliable experts on blocked drains and drain cleaning.

Blocked drains cleaning and drain repairs

At Creation Plumbing we usually clear drains using a high pressure water jetter which we carry in each of our service vehicles. Its main advantage is that it can cut through tree roots and other hard obstructions easily, clearing your drain and waste pipes so we can flush them through. This advanced method allows us to 100% clean your drains and waste pipes compared to the older method of using an electric eel which only usually cleans about 75%. Surprisingly many of our competitors still use this older method!

Once tree roots have found a way into your drain and sewer pipes, they will continue to grow back as they rely on the water as a food source. Cutting tree roots is like having a haircut – they will always grow back.

If tree roots are present, Creation Plumbing recommend having your drains cleaned every six months so you can avoid embarrassment when the toilet is flushed at your next house party!

Should we find problematic sections within your drains, we may recommend using our CCTV drain cameras which we also carry on all of our service vehicles which will enable us to locate the problem . We may then recommend drain replacement or trenchless relining.

When scheduling a plumber to clear blocked drains and waste pipes, we usually allow 30 – 60 minutes labour, however this is dependent on individual circumstances.

What are the drawbacks of DIY drain clearing?

A lot of people try to do DIY drain clearing using chemical agents such as caustic soda and baking soda, but that’s not always a good idea for a few reasons:

Damage to pipes and other surfaces: Chemical drain cleaners work by reacting with the blockage material – be it hair, soap or grease – and creating heat, breaking the blocking material down. If not used with care they can splash and corrode pipes and surrounding surfaces such as porcelain and metal faucets, and soften PVC pipes.

Toxic fumes: DIY drain cleaners such as caustic soda and baking soda tend to release strong gases, so must only be used in a well-ventilated area. Drain cleaner should also never be mixed with bleach as this can create deadly chlorine gas, nor should different types or brands of cleaner be combined.

Hazardous to pets: Liquid drain clearing agents can be deadly to pets such as dogs that tend to drink from puddles. If you do choose DIY drain cleaning, always clean the area thoroughly and keep pets away from the area for at least a couple of days.

In general, chemical drain cleaners aren’t as effective as having a plumber clear the drain using a drain machine or a water jet, especially when it is clogged with hard matter such as tree roots. Creation Plumbing will also assess the current condition of your drainpipes and give honest advice on any drain work required, saving you money and stress in the long term.

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If you are experiencing any issues with slowed or blocked drainage, we recommend getting it seen to as soon as possible as it can become a serious problem fast.