Backflow Prevention

In the Plumbing Industry today, Backflow Prevention has become a major issue. As Backflow Prevention is a Specialist’s Job, Creation Plumbing are completely Licensed and Accredited Specialists. They’re qualified to install commission and test your Backflow Prevention Devices.

The water distribution system is designed to keep the water flowing from the distribution system to you the customer. However, when hydraulic conditions within the system deviate from the “normal” conditions, water flow can be reversed. When this backflow happens, contaminated water can re-enter the distribution system. Backflow is possible in two situations, Back Siphonage and Back Pressure.

When there is a sudden reduction in the water pressure in the distribution system, such as during firefighting or when a water main breaks, or excessive usage or poor pressure, water flow can be reversed. This can create a suction effect, drawing the non potable (Unsafe) substance into the potable water system. Water that has sat in pipes for an extended period of time such as in fire sprinklers systems or fire ring mains, etc, can also pose a threat to the General Public.

Backpressure is created when pressure in a non-potable system, such as in a factory or business environment, which may or may not containing additives, exceeds the pressure in the potable system This can force the potable water to reverse its direction of flow thus causing unsafe water through the cross connection, and then entering the potable water system.

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