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As well as being an annoyance, a blocked toilet can occur at the worst possible time. Luckily Creation Plumbing’s fully qualified emergency plumbers are available day and night across Newcastle and the Central Coast, carrying the most advanced equipment on hand to unblock any toilet fast with a minimum of hassle. Call us now on 1300 199 664.

Genuine 24 hour emergency blocked toilet repairs

If the water in your toilet is taking longer than usual to return to normal level after a flush, you most likely have a blockage which needs to be cleared before it gets worse. Our fully qualified and experienced 24 hour emergency plumbers can clear any type of clogged toilet, and can give honest advice on the state of your toilet plumbing and sewer system.

If it’s a problem with your sewer pipe, scroll down the page for more information on how we deal with such issues.

Blocked toilet clearing and toilet repairs

We make every effort to unblock your toilet as thoroughly as possible with the latest equipment, but there are a few reasons why toilets become blocked again after a short period. They include:

Tree roots – Roots entering your drains are the most common cause, and depending on the type of tree, can re-grow into a cracked pipe or pipe joint within 3 to 6 months. In such cases we use our high pressure water jetter which we carry on all of our service vehicles to cut through them, clearing the waste pipe which we will then flush through.

Broken pipe – Rough edges of a drain pipe break can catch waste material from the toilet, causing repeated blockages until the drain is repaired. If this is the case, we will recommend further action such as drain repair and/or replacement, trenchless pipe repair, or inspection of the drain by CCTV camera.

Other obstructions – We recommend you never dispose of man-made items down the toilet such as baby wipes, sanitary napkins etc. as these can get caught in the toilet or sewer pipe causing a blockage. Watch out for deodorising cages and kids toys as these can easily cause your toilet to clog.

Call Creation Plumbing now for reliable and fast 24 hour emergency blocked toilet clearing

If your toilet is backing up there are ways to temporarily fix the problem but in most cases it will return after just a few flushes, causing major inconvenience as well as putting you in a possibly very embarrassing situation!

Steps for temporarily unblocking a toilet

The first thing to keep in mind when your toilet is blocked it to not flush it repeatedly, as this can make the problem worse. Steps you can follow to temporarily fix your toilet blockage are:

  • With a cup and bucket, remove excess water from your toilet bowl while wearing rubber gloves.
  • Place a rubber plunger in the bottom of the bowl.
  • Push the plunger hard with both hands at least 5 or 6 times.
  • This will force water down the sewer pipe and if the blockage isn’t major, should at least partially clear it away.

Remember that following the above will at first make it look like the problem has been permanently fixed, but in most cases it will re-occur the next day