CCTV drain camera inspections by Creation Plumbing

If you have a recurring drain blockage or slow drain flow despite regular drain clearing, you probably have a problematic section of drain that needs to be identified visually.

Inspecting by CCTV camera is a quick and accurate way to check the condition of your underground drains. Creation Plumbing are the leading specialists in CCTV drain camera inspections and carry this advanced equipment on each of our service vehicles to give you the best advice from start to finish, from inspection and cleaning of your drains to repair and/or replacement of faulty sections. Call Creation on 1300 199 664.

How does a CCTV camera inspection work?

CCTV camera inspection allows us to inspect your drains visually in order to locate drain blockages and breakages.

Creation Plumbing have invested in some of the world’s most sophisticated gear, for the best possible results. Our CCTV drain and sewer pipe surveys comply fully with pipeline surveying accreditation guidelines, and provide you with a detailed report that our plumbers can then use to make an informed decision, either drain repair/replacement or trenchless relining.

We will often recommend attendance by our water jetter and our drain camera on the same visit to clear any loose debris from the drain, so that the camera can perform a more effective survey.

Do I need a CCTV camera inspection?

The wide-angle camera view and full colour video/photo capability of our CCTV camera equipment provides us with a level of reporting that was unheard of only a few years ago. This results in a more accurate assessment of the condition of your drains, which can mean less digging, less replacement pipe required and a more cost-effective repair.

Camera systems used

Our CCTV drain camera guys use two types of camera depending on the diameter of the drain being inspected: a ‘mini tractor’ camera for drains 150mm or greater in diameter which can travel up to 200m from the start point, and a micro camera system for surveys in drains 100mm or smaller, which can travel up to 100m.

The tractor camera has a motorised rewind system for rapid retrieval, allowing more metres inspected per hour than with older manual systems.  It uses a rotational camera to give our specialists a wide-angle view of the state of your drain.

Contact Creation Plumbing for expert CCTV drain camera inspection and repairs

If you are experiencing an urgent drainage issue, Creation Plumbing can provide genuine 24 hour emergency blocked drain clearing. If required, we can book a CCTV camera crew who will provide a comprehensive visual assessment of your drain.